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    Canary Admin Services has partnered with currency specialists HiFX. Read all about it here and see how you can benefit.

  • Holiday Let Legally in the Canaries



    Recent changes in property legislation now allows home owners to register their property for touristic use and holiday let them legally. This has been an uphill battle for the past few years and even though there are still some issues to be ironed out, it is great news for many whose property meets the criteria. Canary Admin Services can obtain the necessary permits and set you on your way to holiday let freedom.
  • Moving to Fuerteventura?

    Are you making the big move to Fuerteventura but don't know what paperwork you need when you arrive? Are you looking for or buying a property and need advice? I can help you live your dream by cutting through all the red tape.

    * Property portfolio and conveyancing services

    * N.I.E. & Residencia applications

    * Healthcare

  • NEW! V-Store

    Welcome to Canary Admin Services' latest venture and check out the new V-Store. The Victory Store has e-Books written by Sabrina L. Williams with basic guides for Business Registry, Purchasing a Property in the Canary Islands. You can also book online online or face-to-face consults. As a special gift, download a copy of the "Optimize Your Time" e-Book for FREE!
  • Wondering where the time went?




    Sometimes it can feel as if there are not enough hours in the day and the "to-do" pile just keeps growing. The solution? Many companies are picking up on the Virtual Assistant trend where work is outsourced. Is it an option you've considered?
  • Stop the Juggling Act


    If you feel as if you have too much work to handle, trying to manage multiple projects at once... STOP! Don't drop the ball again and outsource your tasks to Canary Admin Services.
  • Make more time for yourself


    Canary Admin Services provides accounting, tax and labour services in which qualified professionals offer business solutions that allow you to take a deep breath and enjoy life outside the work place.
Your Real Estate Support Specialist | Your Property and Business Needs Made Simple


Every day, business owners are under extreme pressure because of the day to day running of their companies alone. How can this pressure be minimized? With Canary Admin Services it's possible! Your admin department can be efficiently taken over, freeing up time in your busy schedule to focus on other matters that will actually make your business grow.


Canary Admin Services offers an array of business resources such as accounting, tax, labour and general paperwork services as well as specializing in Real Estate services for both the agency and its clients to include complete property conveyancing, utilizing more than 10 years knowledge and experience in the industry. That isn’t all though. There are a variety of services available to you at a click of a button. You just have to work out where you need assistance or if you are unsure, make good use of a consultation and we can figure it out together.

You too can have the world of Administrative Consultants in the palm of your hand


“This isn’t where I want to be with my business”

“I’m working 24/7 but still struggle to get everything done”

“I need to streamline my admin department but I don’t know where to start”

“I need accounting and tax services in a language I understand”


If these words sound familiar and you’ve reached boiling point, I think it’s time you reached out for help. Check out my FAQ section and schedule a consult with me.


My mission is to build a strong client relationship that sees my clients succeed long-term, not just a quick fix which is why I have chosen a work method that focuses on results and real value for their money without the fear of breaking the bank and leaving them with a smile on your face. By working alongside me, they soon find you have more time and energy to focus on forging new client relations of their own and actually growing their businesses.

Registered Member of the Asociación Nacional de Tramitadores Administrativos y Profesionales
Administrative Consultants Association Member
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