For those of you don’t know, an Administrative Consultant or “AC” is an independent administrative that works in collaboration with the company or individual that requires that service.

An Administrative Consultant however must not be confused with a temp or an employee as all tasks are carried out from the AC’s own office and not from the client’s installations. AC’s are self-employed and therefore pays all their own expenses and taxes so the client needn’t worry about social security expenses, holiday pay or maternity leave as the Ac would be responsible for these costs.

Hello to all you Freelancers out there!!

My name is Sabrina Williams hailing from the Canary Islands, Spain (a fantastic place to live by the way!). When I was at high school deciding what I wanted to do with my life I ended up studying Business Studies and Administration. I have always been studious and organized so it kind of seemed like the logical thing to do at the time. As it turns out that choice worked out pretty well for me as all of my past jobs have been admin related and I’ve gained a lot of experience in this field. As I live in Spain I’m fortunate enough to have learned the language (I’m originally from the UK) so this has only added to my skills.

I’ve worked for other people, having to adapt to their way of doing things but I’ve wanted to get out there for a long time now and set something up for myself. This way I can manage my business exactly the way I want to and work to my own schedule. Sounds great doesn’t it? Unfortunately with the economy the way it is, it’s not so easy to break free and become self-employed but bit by bit.

The whole point of this blog anyway is to reach out to fellow Freelancers (anybody else who’s interested is of course welcome), share tips, look at new ways of improving our businesses and basically log the experiences I’m gaining on a daily basis that might help somebody else so watch this space…

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