We have discussed in past issues the serious battle Social Security has on its hands. Although we may complain about the amount of money we pay each month towards our Social Security contributions, they are essential if we want to receive our well-earned pensions come retirement age.

When a business owner hires an employee, they do not only have to take their salary into account when calculating costs, but a portion of Social Security and a quarterly tax amount must be factored into the overall expense. These two concepts are based on a percentage of said salary so it stands to reason, the fewer hours the employee works, the lower their salary and the lower the taxes to be paid out by the business owner.

If as a business owner you have employees, you may have received communications from your Advisors to implement a method to register your employees regular work hours as well as overtime as per Royal Decree 8/2019, 8th March, to be enforced from 12th May 2019. Why has this come about and what is the point of registering employee work hours?

The life of a business owner is full of responsibilities and obligations and sometimes it is difficult to be sure every aspect of our business is accounted for or under control. One of the queries I hear a lot has to do with third-party liability insurance. The saying goes, nothing in life is certain besides taxes and death but I think we can also include insurance here; whether it is for our cars, houses, health, life and a wide variety of other possibilities, we can say for sure that insurance policies are an integral part of our existence whether we want them or not and the same should go for our businesses.

The Office has been extremely busy lately and I am behind with my blog posts, so I will post articles that have appeared in The Voice Fuerteventura magazine over the next few days to catch up and post new content too…

It seems that reviewing property laws is a hot topic at the Government this year. This comes after another shake up over property rental law following the most recent changes made in 2013. Apparently, the modifications made at the time did not provide the desired results, i.e., an increase in availability of primary residences on offer and moderation in price. This failure has prolonged the vulnerability detected at the time for those who require a respectable home for their families with the stability that should come with being long-term tenants.

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